Sunday, July 12, 2015


Our two children celebrating anniversaries this year, are receiving the same card that was made in an OCC. Here it is...

Using PTI Flippin' Out - this is a very simple design that sends a whole set of experiences to the couples :) We all love the beach and it has been a family favorite vacation spot for years, from Maine to Rhode Island and as of late, Cape Cod! John and his wife just purchased a dream beach house there!

Funny to see this on a black base, but the sentiment inside is white embossed "Enjoy Your Day!" We also sent them a message written in white and it looks awesome! For more details about the card check out my post on one stamp set three ways on Day 7 OCC in February.

Happy anniversary to the happy couples! With sadness our third child is not celebrating an anniversary this year. Today ironically would be the day ... this will be the first year NOT to celebrate... My thoughts are going out to both of them and all of our families hoping the sadness we are all feeling will soon transform with happiness in their new lives.


To me the most difficult card to relay how you are feeling is the sympathy card. A college friend's mother passed this week and here is the card I sent her family...

One of those times you're glad you have a card that you like on hand! This is one I made in OCC-Mask-er-ade using PTI Botanical Blocks and masking the edge of the stamp off. Then I watercolored using Distress inks.

It is watercolor paper with a blue background wash. This is one of my all time favorite cards ever, because the roses look so real!  I need to make a few more to have ready.... but no two are the same :) There are more details on my original post on June 2nd...

Other notes that things are very bad for my mother right now and my sympathizes to Jo and her family are related to my own situation I am sure! It has been a very difficult three years especially for Mom, and I can only pray for her transition to a better place soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June-July Birthdays

There are several late June early July birthdays that are jammed together! Will, on the 27th, Cathi the 29th, Lyla Kate the 30th, Vic July 2nd, and John on the 9th!

So I forget to take pictures of a couple of them.... I made Will's card in the Online Card Class, with the zipper die, which he'll enjoy as an eight-year-old really into telling jokes and riddles. Notice 7 frogs on the front....... and I put one on the inside!

I continue to love the zipper dies! It's such fun to stamp, planning the kid's reaction when they unzip...

I did hear that Will's reaction was fun! The answer is ... your age!

This beach card goes to a friend that could certainly use a beach day break for her birthday...

This was another card that I made during the Mask-er-ade card class. The details will be found on that posting.

I did make another card for our granddaughter. Lyla Kate who turned 4 on June 30th. I forgot to take a picture of the card before I sent it! It was a shaker card with a star front turned into a shaker. She asked for a Barbie Glam Glitter doll... I have to admit she had to show me online what that is... So I knew the sparkles would get her in the shaker. It also had LOTS of fours!

This card I sent to our friend in assisted living, although we still think of him as our next door neighbor. Vic turns 94 this year and is in remarkable good health. The details for this card also appeared in the Mask-er-ade class. 

Last but not least, is my birthday card for John. He won't be here for his birthday due to a golfing trip with our son . So...

... very appropriate. I can't think of anything John would rather be doing than golfing! The card is made from lots of die cutting. I saw a similar card on the Internet somewhere, although I think it was teeing off instead of putting.

I am really loving the stitched dies to give the card front a clean look. Although you can't tell in the picture, the lighter green die cut is attached with fun foam so it is a level above the blue, and the darker green sits inside of it. he flag pole actually moves giving some nice dimension on the front. The golf ball is embossed with the small dots folder, so it really looks like a golf ball!

Happy birthday John!