Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mom's Day

If you told me that we'd be celebrating 91 with Mom this year, I would never have believed it! She is such a spirit... and it is so difficult to watch her suffer so! I think it is the feeling that we lose her so much more everyday, some days more than others.

Now that Mom has agreed to hospice at the nursing home, she seems to be in less pain when I see her ... finally!  It took quite awhile for all of the pieces to come together according to Judy, my sister who bears most of the family brunt of Mom's care.  And it seems to be so different from the hospice program here in Vermont.  Maybe the training I attended is what they would like it to be like - and the reality is very different. From my perspective, it just seems to be another hoop to jump through.

Here's my card for her-

This is my all time favorite card ever! I made it in the online watercolor class from Jennifer Rzasa's class example.  It is pencil sketched freehand and watercolored with Distress inks mixed with Perfect Pearls on Tim Holtz watercolor paper that is painted wet first - the shine is amazing! Hard to see in the picture...

The greeting is from PTI Mini Blooms and thinking of how much I love hummingbirds - that love from my mother- it just fit!

Happy birthday Mom! I love you!

I have tried some other free sketching and watercoloring- but none match this one- yet! I look on Google images and get some other bird and flower ideas to get me started... still a newbie at it! Oh I loved that class!!

Here's my catbird...

And my Oriole...

Then really brave.... Papillion! This one needs more practice for sure!

I thank Jennifer Rzasa for giving me the courage to sketch and then watercolor... and I keep practicing not only to improve but because I find it so therapeutic .. relaxing... 

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