Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Avery's 5!

Our granddaughter Avery will be 5 on November 4th this year. She is such a character... and just loved the ice cream man when we were at the Cape this summer. For her birthday we got one of those cardboard houses that you build and can color, except this is an ice cream truck! So I knew that had to be my theme card for her...

I went trolling on Pinterest for ice cream trucks and found a great pattern to download on a website. The basic shape is what I used... then I kind of made it my own!

Using two different dies I cut the window and partially cut the flap. The circle dies are from PTI Pedal Pushers with a button in the middle. I used thread to attach them so the wheels actually move, which I know will intrigue Avery!

Her favorite flavors were listed on a google search so I could print them, making each one $5! There is plastic behind the windows and the picture is actually attached to the back of the card.  She will also enjoy the picture because she has her Red Sox shirt on!

The candles and sentiment are from different PTI stamp sets, as is the greeting on the flap!

Yes, it took a long time... but so worth it! The kids are really used to looking to see just what I have up my sleeve for birthdays. Of course, it was too large for a standard-sized envelope... so I had to make one. Good practice as it has been awhile!

Happy, happy 5th birthday Avery! I sure hope this card travels well through the mail!

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