Saturday, November 19, 2016

November Birthdays

Avery Neal turned six years old on November 6 and Emma Rose is 11 years old today!  Trolling Pinterest gave me the ideas for both of these cards.

Here's my card for Avery... She has always loved Flash, superhero! That's who she was last year for Halloween...

I made this a shaker card... with Boston as the city because they live so close to it. Lots of fun putting it together, although it was also time consuming. Avery is such a little spark plug, I think she enjoyed it...

I used the dress up doll as Flash with blonde hair just like Ave! Each heart is a scratch off secret message, "Love you" "happy, happy birthday" and "six years old!"

Next is sweet Emma Rose who turned 11 today! I sent her card to her new house in PA... hope she gets it on time!

Kind of difficult to get a good picture of this one... because it's the Z-fold card. Emma is really into crafting and origami so I knew she's love to figure this one out...

Using PTI's new pile of presents stamp and die, as well as Give a Hand ... Make a Wish... and Red, White and Blue, I put this one together. There are 11 candles bordering the outside panel with the presents on the front fold.

Taking a picture from above allowed me to show the detail that you don't see when the card is folded. I used the star burst die in gold glitter paper with a popper under it to shake as the card opens with "Happy Birthday" die on top. The fireworks are on the other side in gold embossing... it's these details that I think Emma will love!

I didn't get a good shot of the card closed though... I hope it traveled through the mail ok!  Happy birthday Emma Rose!

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