Saturday, November 19, 2016

September Birthdays

Without doing any anniversary cards this year, I moved on to September birthdays. My brother Jerry, had a birthday on September 3. The seasonal changes that come in September always bring to mind the changing leaves and Nature showing all her colors!

For Jerry I used a pattern that I had done in the past with PTI Oak tree.  John's sister Nancy had a birthday on September 7th. I sent her another card that I had on hand with PTI's sunflower plate.

My sister Judy has a birthday on September 22nd. This is a picture of me, Jerry and Judy when we were kids. Love the shot of him sneaking in and photo bombing in the 50s! Boy we sure were cute!

My card for Judy was a PTI Botanical Block watercolor. I of course, forget to take the picture!

I will always think of Mom on September 24th, this year is no different! Sometimes missing her is such an ache...

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