Wednesday, April 9, 2014


When I was a kid, Easter was always a time to get new clothes, starting a whole new year with Spring.  I remember new shoes, hats and spring outfits parading through the center aisle at St. Bernard's Church! It was never an easy money time for my parents with four kids and lots to get. 

When I think of Easter now, it is kind of with that whole new clothes spiritually that I was missing then. Although I don't usually attend church regularly, I do pray and reflect on the whole spiritual meaning, as I count my blessings!

With that in mind, I am sending this card from OCC3 to my Mother, as she is really the only family member that celebrated Easter outwardly with Church and the whole deal. With her dementia and inability to think that way anymore, I pray that her day is spent in comfort and peace! 

This card is from the OCC3 homework for the background into foreground assignment. I am also sending Mom the Mother's Day card that I did in watercolor flowers. Wish this were an easier time for her, I pray for that Easter transition!

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