Thursday, May 15, 2014

Watercolor Day 5- 2

Today is my favorite card so far for watercoloring.  I just love Swarup Murthy's example of stamping and watercoloring... just simply gorgeous! Of course once I tried it was a totally different story...

So I took her suggestion and got a sketch book and just tried watercoloring some flowers from stamps... Here's my try:

The good thing about the sketch book is that I can take notes on things I like, colors, things that I need to change next time, etc. I am going to love that!  My flower in the sketch book gave me enough confidence to try for a card panel...

I don't think it came out as well -  but the petals are a bit more defined and I think for this card it is okay. Maybe some black spots in the center? I also didn't do any wash for the background- to be honest I was afraid of ruining all the hard word of the panel :)  Practice, practice, practice!

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