Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Lessons

Amazing isn't it?   Finished the watercoloring class ... and I really miss it... Loved it! 

I keep thinking about colors and shadows when I look at anything, how they play and change the colors I see. Birds are the first thing to try for me, probably because as I have always considered myself an untrained bird-watcher, there are lots of things I already notice about color, size, shape, etc. 

Every spring I anxiously anticipate the arrival of the nesting birds, heralding the emergence of spring! This year we noticed all three of my favorites arrive on the same day- hummingbird, catbird and oriole. Since I already tried the hummingbird, I naturally started with a bird- a catbird. 

Here's my watercolored sketch from my sketchpad:

I took Jennifer Rzasa's advice- googling and choosing a photo image to replicate from  HERE  .  I am hooked!

The life lesson... how a kind comment from someone can influence you and spread. Making that a new mission for myself, I will find a way to share that kindness everyday!


Gerda said...

This is lovely, almost like a photograph. Love it!

obee said...

Thank you for your kind comments, Gerta! I am really missing the watercolor class. I seem to look at card making differently- I can't just stamp an image anymore :) and find myself reaching for a watercolor brush!