Saturday, May 10, 2014

Watercoloring: Day 4-1

Oh my goodness! I am going to have so many posts just for today's lesson! There were three separate videos with lessons so I will take the best example of the technique for the class gallery- but I want to post all of them here... so I remember!

Here's the total of what I accomplished today...

The first technique from Yana Smakula- although I loved her cards I didn't have the stamp or one that I could make work. So I took some of her spritzing block ideas and used them to make background layer papers for the stamped images with the ink left on the blocks... Love how they turned out!

The Watercolor flowers that Shari Carroll showed were fantastic! I never thought mine would look anywhere close to hers..but they weren't bad! I did several, and I used the idea of signing them as suggested by Bonnie on Kristina's video of the other day!

These two are stamped with SU Because I Care set. Ironically I just received a beautiful hydrangea plant from our son and his wife for Mother's Day! So one of these is a small note card to say Thank You! The other is a sympathy card...

I did use distress inks and wished I had done the hand made paper like I did on the others for the bottom layer... The small notecard is a more watercolor-like image. I also have several others that will be notecards too!

This was so much fun to do that I am searching other stamp sets that will work!

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